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Darlene Rose joyfully offers a variety of energy healing techniques including: anointing, guided shamanic journeys, cacao communion, sound healing, limpias (cleansing energy field), flowerings (raising energy) and Earth honoring rituals. Darlene Rose reMembered her gift of the priestess art of anointing as an initiate of the Emerald Temple with mentor Diana DuBrow. Darlene is a Mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a cross-cultural shamanic lineage taught by Peruvian maestro curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Unifying her gifts and passions into a harmonious offering, Darlene created her niche of Shamanic Anointing. To reserve an anointing, send a message to A two-hour session is given in Marin County.

To receive an anointing is to receive the Kiss of Spirit on the body. Anointing the body with holy oils is an ancient tradition of vibrational healing and spiritual connection that restores energetic harmony. Anointing is a consecration that can raise your frequency and assist you by encouraging increased intimacy with yourself and the Divine Feminine. Anointing transforms and transmutes energy with the subtle powers of the oils, the energy balancing techniques of the anointer and the assistance of helping spirits. Darlene devotes her time with you to serve as a bridge, channeling love and guidance for awakening and healing. This sacred practice, found in most cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, honors the soul during various rites of passage. Any period of transition is an especially powerful time to be anointed. As we are all constantly experiencing transitions and initiations, there is no need to wait for a special occasion. Honor your holy temple now by receiving the gift of anointing!

Your anointing session begins by feeling held in sacred space. You are encouraged to identify where you are on your life’s path. High frequency oils are gently massaged into the body, beginning at the soles of your feet and ending at the crown of your head. Darlene uses professional draping techniques learned in massage school to protect your modesty on the anointing table. As scent priestess, Darlene Rose currently uses Emerald Temple oils created by her mentor. These Treasured Ethereals are the highest quality, organic essential oils. Tuning forks, Paiste planetary Venus gong and other instruments are used as sound healing to assist vibrational alignment. Precious gems also play their important role in the experience. Anointing is complemented by the healing energy of an amethyst BioMat. Darlene is especially drawn to assisting people who cope with chronic pain and those who are ready to release stuck grief trapped in the body. Anointing is also an ancient tradition used to midwife death in which the anointer serves as a soul midwife during the great transition Home.

Darlene Rose is a shamanic practitioner in the lineage of Peruvian maestro curandero, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, the visionary of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). Pachakuti translates to World Reversal. Shamans nurture a personal relationship with our animate universe. This relationship aims to restore balance and harmony to all realms through coming into sacred relationship and communion with seen and unseen beings.

Shamans work with a cosmology of three interrelated worlds. The upper world is the realm of highest vibration, the middle is our current plane of human existence and the lower world is the realm of the interior, known as the unconscious. These worlds are inhabited by countless seen and unseen beings, who are all part of the Great Web of Life. It is primarily through honoring the helping spirits, during ceremony and sacred ritual, that shamans facilitate our return into aligned relationship with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and all Her inhabitants.