Moon ceremonies are held around the new moon and the full moon. The powerful effects of these two lunar phases can be felt at least 24 hours on either side of the phase. 

Gathering together as supportive sisters in circle at the New Moon can be a potent time to align with the energetic qualities of this phase of the moon. During the new moon we explore as united women during the time of Inception, Initiation, Incubation and Intention associated with this moon phase. Within a safe, sacred setting the Divine Feminine is encouraged to reveal herself and dance with the Divine Masculine - the cosmic dance of shadow and light.

The full moon is a ripe time for Fruition - a time for prayer, dreaming and reaping the abundant harvest of visionary work. This is a powerful time to gather in circle - mirroring the Divine for one another, collective dreaming, sharing a meal together and holding one another in love.