“In the sacred space that Darlene Rose creates, I was able to release a large amount of old energy that was no longer serving my divine purpose. I felt energy moving throughout my body and my crown was extremely active during the anointing. I felt the infinite love of the Mother and very strong goddess presence. Afterwards I felt deeply relaxed, connected and much lighter.”
Judy Hoaglund

"Stepping into Darlene’s healing space was an extraordinary grace-filled experience before she even began the anointing healing process. The energy there was exquisite - magical and sweet. The anointing process was deeply nourishing on many physical and spiritual levels. I was kissed by angels and poets in the process. Darlene's skilled use of tuning forks facilitated a huge release of dense energy from my chakras. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to pour love and light into every cell of your being. Darlene Rose knows how to make that happen."
Caro Dellenbaugh

“The anointing by Darlene Rose felt like a true gift of herself. In contrast to some of the more mechanical bodywork I have received, Darlene created and facilitated such a deep connection to her soul and the spirit of all that I was able to fully let go and allow the infusion of peace, wholeness and love that I desperately needed. I was able to experience a level of peace and stillness emotionally and physically that I have not felt in a very long time. There is strength and power in what Darlene offers but she is also humble. I felt completely blessed by the session."
Daniel Taylor

"Darlene Rose embodies the earthly and ethereal nurturing moon goddess in her graceful way of being. She creates an ambiance of royal sacredness and welcomes you with open heart to this enchanted temple. I feel gently lifted to a place of sacred reciprocity of open hearts, an honored guest, when I attend any of her ritual ceremonies. Beyond this I am transported to ancient sacred places where my ancestors communed in such a way. My cup runneth over with gratitude in her presence."
Gloria Maldonado

"I feel profoundly gifted from the experience. I want all people to feel this good! I felt a sense of grief come up and begin to release. The knowing of an end of a particular life cycle is upon me and I must accept and honor it."
Madhu Anziani

"An overall sense of deepening and being taken along the river of scents and sensuality. Darlene Rose felt solid and knowing with gentle, intentional hands."
Linsey Kluger

"It was my first experience with cacao and it is definitely something I would love to experience again. The energy Darlene Rose held was very inviting and comforting. The community was full of love and support. I felt so at home and safe among loving soul beings. Darlene provided a succinct history of cacao and explained the journey process. Making sure everyone was comfortable, the hostess gently walked everyone through the ceremony. Darlene also made sure to respect the participants' time by keeping a fluid pace. After ceremony, Darlene kept her temple open to guests who wanted to remain and connect with others. I didn't feel like I was rushed home after the ceremony and am excited for the next one. The ceremony revitalized my soul and left me smiling for weeks! I highly recommend it to anyone who may be curious about cacao or would just enjoy being around loving, supportive community."     Ray Maldonado